Center for Telecom Management & Studies



Empower the ICT ecosystem stakeholders to promote emerging technologies and

enable the acceleration of digital transformation for the enrichment of our society


Facilitating the Telecom & Information Technology ecosystem in a neutral and inclusive way

through knowledge based intellectual initiatives

Origins & Foundations:

Established in 1988 by Shri. T. H. Chowdary with patronage from Shri. F. C. Kohli, with a mission to bring about an Intellectual campaign to demonopolize, corporatize & privatize telecoms in India, to enable competition, bringing focus on telecom consumers interest, choice and Quality of Service to them. CTMS also played a key role in independent Statutory Regulation and Consultation for various Telecom Policies evolution in India.

Shri. T. H. Chowdary, a Padmasree Awardee was the Founder CMD of VSNL, was the IT Advisor to the GoAP and is a fellow of TCS. He was instrumental in accelerating this movement in India through various initiatives through CTMS.

Key Initiatives of CTMS: Talks, Seminars, workshops, Round Tables, Memoranda & Deposition before Parliaments Committees

Accomplishments & Key Intellectual Initiatives for Nations Telecom Development (1989 – 2006):

  1. Draft Bills (TRAI) & Policies (NTP - 1994 & 1999)

  2. Publication of the monthly journal JCTMS/ICTs and Society

  3. Disinvestment of BSNL & MTNL

  4. Winding up Telecom Commission

Present Focus ICT areas:

  1. Emerging ICT technologies and Indigenous IP development

  2. Skilling & Training for ICTs development and deployment

  3. Industry adoption of ICTs

  4. Policy contributions for ICTs development

  5. Impact of ICTs on development of societies and nations

ICT Stakeholders:

  1. Industry

  2. Academia

  3. Policy Makers

  4. Research Institutions

  5. International Bodies