By: Dr. T Hanuman Chowdary

(20 May 2011)

Vulgar and ostentatious spending on marriage celebrations and feasts is on the increase. The amount spent is running into crores of rupees. This induces immorality, greed, envy and hence instability in society. Besides, there is wasteful consumption of petrol for cars and other modes of travel to attend these marriage celebrations and feasts. Information technology can be used to cut down all these and save a lot for the nation.

Along with the invitation, food coupons for 2 or 3 people authorizing as many meals in designated hotels can be sent to be used on the day of the marriage. The invitees can then have the marriage feast in their own towns and cities nearest to their homes. This will save lot on travel and associate expenses and congestion around the marriage sites.

The actual ceremony can be viewed by people in their homes if the marriage ceremony could be web - cast and the website address is printed on the invitation. Some of the TV channels can be asked to uplink also and the channel details maybe printed in the invitation. Alternately or in addition, people can log on to the website and see the marriage as it is performed.

With the above two arrangements, the marriage crowds will be manageable. Only the near and dear relatives can have a meaningful witness of the marriage.

-Dr. T H Chowdary

(20 May 2011)